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The yang to Trish Bellows’ yin, Mickey Bellows is one integral half of the Dave Ramsey-endorsed real estate team. Mickey has not only helped clients over the years with their real estate needs; he has passionately helped make a difference in their lives. For the duo’s positive impact on their community, Mickey and Trish have earned numerous best-of awards from 360 West and D magazines. An entrepreneur in the auto glass business for two decades, Mickey originally entered the real estate business to help his oldest son launch a career in it, believing that his son would make an excellent agent and encouraging him to become one. His son agreed but on one condition: that his dad joins him in real estate school. In what would be a reverse case of “like father, like son,” Mickey was surprised to discover he enjoyed the experience, and he hasn’t looked back.
In the industry since 2003, Mickey also has a good deal of construction knowledge that grants him keen insights into a property’s features during the inspection process. Perhaps most important for Mickey is how often people tell him and Trish that they feel like their only clients. That level of attention and care is precisely how this dynamic duo has earned a ton of referrals and repeat business — and they show no signs of slowing down. Along with first-time buyers, veterans, military personnel, and wealth accumulators, Mickey and Trish work with renters and property investors. They regularly teach the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University methodology to all their clients, and they represent people of all ages — demonstrating the versatility to deliver whatever mentoring style their clients are most comfortable with. The proud patriarch of a family of six children, 16 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, Mickey spends a lot of his free time focusing on his loved ones. He’s also an avid churchgoer, and he loves to work on old cars and travel, especially in the family’s motor home.

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With nearly 30 years of combined real estate experience, powerhouse duo Mickey and Trish Bellows established RealtyBees on a foundation of accolades, distinctions, industry designations, and — most importantly — a mammoth legacy of client trust and appreciation. Accompanying Mickey’s invaluable construction background and Trish’s 30-plus years of financial services and online business experience is their educational approach to real estate, which hinges on the pair’s genuine care for their clients’ long-term prosperity.

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